Now that my parts are here, I can marvel at my greatness and bear witness to my own true genius as I realize how little I really know about building a computer...


I get the paste on my CPU, bolt down the heat sync, run my power adapter to the GPU, and quickly begin to panic as I come the the realization that I cant power my new hard drive... (yeah, I got a new one "just in case")

There's only 2 MOLEX connectors and the wire isn't very long, only long enough to feed power to the GPU, not both the GPU AND feed a HDD.

Not a total loss I guess since part of setting up a Mining Rig is keeping the power draw to a minimum.

Now this case DOES have a set of SATA cables running to a secondary drive location also, and I have a few old drives in my "computer Stuff" box...

So I try the first drive. It boots up Windows XP!


That quickly fades as I realize I have no way to manipulate the cursor since the PC refuses to recognize the mouse I have (courtesy of the "Computer Stuff" Box). I wait and see if it will "magically" detect and install a driver or something, but no...

I go through all of my old drives and nothing works, only 2 of them actually boot up XP but I still have the mouse issue.


So, here's my total so far on this:
Used Desktop - $20
Used Graphics Card - $20
New Drive - $16
New Power Cord - $5
Paste - $5
MOLEX to 6 Pin (2 pack) - $8


I already have:

...and I have an 8 GB Thumb Drive...
I wonder if I can load a Mining OS on it and get it to boot up?...