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    Budget Mining Using Android Phones and Minergate - Part 3 - 3/10/18 Update

    Budget Mining Using Android Phones and Minergate - Part 3 - 3/10/18 Update

    Part 1:

    Part 2:

    So I'm still getting my Phone buying process down and as efficient as possible.
    *Again, Eficiency is one of my top priorities in this project...

    Here's where I'm at as of today: Updated Buying Criteria - Only buy second hand phones that are at least 8-core units and try to stay under $20.
    However, used phones come with a lot of challenges so far:
    1)sketchy sellers = sketchy places and situations when buying (sometimes it feels like a drug deal to me)
    2)cracked screens (which donesn't really matter to me, but...)
    3)smelly Phones (this DOES bother me, the perfume not so much, but the cigarette smoke? FUCKING DISGUSTING)

    So I've been using a $5-$30 search criteria. If I see something nice I start asking these questions in this order:
    1) will you take $15? (ask half of the asking price, if its $30, ask $15 - $10, ask $5)
    2) is the phone locked up froom Google? (lesson learned. If it has the google lock on the latest Android OS you're screwed. You won't be able to do jack-shit with it unless you're an Android God)
    3) the touch screen works, right? (sometimes the INNER screen is cracked. If so, it won't detect your touch. It's worthless to you)

    So getting picky with used phones is getting me much better eficiency numbers with my cost to hash ratio, there's no denying that...
    However... I've found a source online for referbished 4-core Phones for only $9.99!!!
    There's a few reasons these are attractive:
    Bonus #1) The math on these is fantastic. (still a fantastic cost to hash ratio)
    Bonus #2) They are in excellent condition which means (I never even considered this before) I COULD resell them if I decided to for some reason later down the road.
    Bonus #3) They DON'T SMELL I'm really sensitive to odors and I used to smoke. I lived with smoking Grandparents when I was a kid and stale cigarette smoke is torture to me.
    Bonus #4) I just go to the store I order them from and pick them up - no back-alley deals with sellers of questionable standards

    Now these are definately not the most powerful phones for sure, I mean after all they are "Clearance Items" for a reason...
    ...but so far they get the job done...
    *Bonus #5)...and they have been factory tested and come with fucking 1 Year Waranty!

    OK, so here's the NEW - Updated Buying Criteria:
    1) only buy 8-core Phones
    2) spend no more than $20
    3) cracked outer screen is OK if touch still works
    4) MUST run Android (2.2 is the oldest version still supported by Google right now)
    5) if it has a physical keyboard - IGNORE IT and find another Phone
    6) if it's locked by Google - IGNORE IT and find another Phone

    I might create a price to # of core graph in the future but I'd try to stay around $2.50/core.
    So if its only a 2-core phone but its only $5, get it!

    Go out there and buy some Phones already!
    Your Farm (Pharm?) won't grow itself!
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    Android was most useable things now a days I was also android user they almost provide us update regularly. I want to made an android application so I took help from them they had all cods and language on it.

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