After thinking long and hard about how I want to give back to the Crypto Crow Community, I came to the conclusion that doing something through a discussion forum would be the easiest way.

How does this work?

You register your account.
Post and be helpful.
Write popular guides to help others.
Answer questions.
Share good things.

Overall, become a productive member of the community.

Do these things, and the Crow will notice. When I'm in my Wallet and am counting the coins in my portfolio, I will go through and throw coins at people I've found to be the most helpful recently with high activity. The more experience you have on the forum when I'm sending out random tokens, the more you will get over someone with lower experience.

No spamming (you may get banned)
You must have your ETH Wallet Address in your Signature
You must be active and helpful at all times.
No trolling allowed on any level at any time (instant ban)

Thats it for now. Have fun!